Cash Cannon make it rain internationally

How many times have you been in a club and someone put a flyer in your hand or you come outside to find one on your windshield? Happens 90% of the time right? Well, if you’re a promoter or business owner and you’re serious about your hustle, you know that you need to spread the word the most effective way possible. Rather that is via internet, word of mouth, or with flyers.

Cash Cannon

Cash Cannon

So why not do something different and modernize your promotional tactics with the Cash Cannon. It’s not only an attention grabber but most importantly an effective marketing tool, making promoting effortless while having fun.

You can use the Cash Cannon at all types of events including:
•       Bachelor Party
•       Bachelorette Party
•       Tradeshows
•       Spring break
•       Night club promotions
•       Entertainment promotions
•       Corporate events
•       Concerts
•       Sporting events
•       Adult entertainment promotions
•       Customer appreciation events
•       Grand openings
•       Store openings
•       Red carpet events
•       Festivals…and more!

You may want to make it rain on the crowd with dollars and follow it up by flyers. Better yet, why not let a few of your comrades blast off couple of Cannons at the same time? Some filled with money, the others filled with flyers or confetti. Or even take it up a notch at customer appreciation events by shooting off various coupons for percentage off services, free products etc. No matter what you use it for, it’s guaranteed to create an attraction and generate business.

“I’m an entrepreneur who recently opened a club in Cancun and I must say, it’s definitely have been profitable. But like any business owner, I had to look for a fresh new way to bring more people through the door to increase my bottom line. I saw the Cash Cannon online and wanted to give it a try. I bought a few for my promoters to shoot off (half promo flyers and half dollar bills) during a day party on the beach and you would not believe how many people were grabbing flyers and money from the sky! Usually you don’t see fellas grabbing cash or anything else when someone is ‘making it rain’ (they usually leave that up the to ladies), but with so many Cannons shooting off at the same time, almost everyone ended up grabbing something. Needless to say, that night my club packed to capacity and we made twice the average revenue! From here on out, I will always use the Cash Cannon to promote my club and any other event I have.”

~Ricky P., Cancun Mexico

The Cash Cannon will liven up any event!


The Cash Cannon is the most unique novelty item on the market today.

Guaranteed to get any event started, with loads of fun.

Its Simple…

-Turn your music up

-Load The Cash Cannon

-Squeeze the Trigger…

Make it Rain!!!

Cash Cannon